Inner Cleansing for Natural Weight Loss

Bernard Jensen, a well known iridologist came up with the phrase "Death Begins in the Colon." He was one of the first of the so called 'alternative physicians', to understand the relationship between weight loss, well being and this main organ of elimination.

The colon is one of the primary organs used to eject any type of digested waste from the body. Foods are broken down in the colon and the nutrients that are produced are then directed into the bloodstream so that fuel, tissue and fat can be utilised from it. If these processes are not allowed to happen then the rest of the body becomes dysfunctional. The bottom line is and no pun intended if you do not have a clean colon your other organs will also suffer and cause you to gain excess weight.

If your colon is not clean you can also look fatter than you are. A colon that is stuffed with impacted faecal matter due to inefficient elimination can cause a person to weigh a lot more. Some people can carry as much as thirty pounds of this waste material around in their mid-section. This is obviously uncomfortable, unflattering and unhealthy.

Add gas produced from a toxic colon to the impacted faecal matter issue and will encounter even more physical problems. The extra compacted faecal matter that was never eliminated causes their bellies to become distended, round or full looking. In fact most beer bellies are not caused by beer at all but rather by parasites that are impacted with mucus that live off of undigested waste.

Another reason that people get fat is because parasites nest in the colon and grow because they feed off of the nutrition that should be used to feed your body. This compels the individual to eat more and more in order to get enough nutrition to get through the day. You end up feeding two entities yourself and the parasites.

There are two ways to cleanse the colon. The fastest, most efficient way is through a process called colonic irrigation, which involves the insertion of a tube into the anal canal into the colon to flush it out with water.

The second way is to use a cleansing herbal formula, which often contain herbs that are known to kill parasites and eliminate mucus and compacted faeces from the sides of the colon wall.

Before you take a colon cleansing herbal formula, make sure that you check with your doctor to make sure that the herbs in it are not harmful to you. Many powerful colon-cleansing herbs such as wormwood also come with unpleasant side effects such as headaches, fatigue and even fever.

Either way colon cleaning can be a way to lose weight, especially the pounds caused compacted fecal matter that can sabotage your attempts to achieve natural weight loss.

Natural Weight Loss - 5 Tips Can Make Your Plan Successful

One of the major health problems found nowadays is the issues related to lifestyle. Obesity is growing by leaps and bounds and hundreds of thousands of people across the world suffer from overweight one or the other way. Again, the culprits are many; right from improper dietary pattern including irregular meal timings, consumption of junk, canned, packed foods and foods with preservatives to hereditary factors and from bad and harmful lifestyle such as sedentary to lack of proper body care.

There are many ways to lose the weight. The options include surgeries such as liposuction, modern medications, fitness exercises, special physical workouts, proper dietary pattern, lifestyle modifications, consumption of healthy and specially designed foods, intake of herbal medications or natural products etc. More and more people now prefer to undergo natural weight loss as modern options may come up with other complications and unwanted effects.

Natural weight loss tip 1: To lose weight, one should not go for any quick weight loss. This is because a sudden drop in a weight may make body weak and dull. It also harms body systems and organs. One should plan not more than 10% of the body weight to lose in one week. The first thing that comes to lose weight is dietary restriction. Junk food, spicy food, oily food and foods with preservatives are to be given up. Include dark, green and leafy vegetables and fresh fruits preferably citrus and not so sweetish that help in fat metabolism and also help in cleansing the intestines so body remains a toxic-free zone.

Natural weight loss tip 2: The nature has gifted us with lots of herbs that possess natural anti-obesity action. They help in loosing and then melting down the body adipose tissues the body fats. Herbs such as garcinia, guggulu, haritaki are said to have good results in obesity and overweight. One can consume such herbs as a single supplement or can go for some herbal formula that contains the blend or combination of these herbs.

Natural weight loss tip 3: Honey, lukewarm water and lemon juice work wonderfully. To prepare special solution out of it, take one glass of lukewarm water and add 1 tsp of honey along with 1 tsp of lemon juice. Consume this healthy drink preferably on empty stomach on a regular basis. The solution helps in cleansing the intestines and also helps in losing the weight.

Natural weight loss tip 4: Exercises do play significant role in lose weight. Aerobic exercises, cardio, jogging, early morning brisk walking etc are considered to be useful in losing extra pounds those have been accumulated in various parts of the body.

Natural weight loss tip 5: Change in lifestyle is necessary and is very important factor in natural weight loss campaign. Park your vehicle a bit far away from the office and take a walk. Likewise, prefer climbing the stairs than to go for elevators. Giving up sedentary lifestyle helps in shedding off extra pounds from the body.

The health benefits of supplements like forskolin extract, garcinia cambogia, green coffee bean and many others will absolutely change your health for the better.  

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Eddie Bauer Sportdome 3- or 4-Person Tent Review

List Price: $79.99's Price: $79.99
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Manufacturer:, LLC


  • Polyester walls with nylon taffeta floor
  • Shock-corded fiberglass poles for easy setup
  • Rainfly with clear-view window
  • 12 lbs.

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Average Customer Rating:

(3.5 based on 40 reviews)

Customer Reviews

use your air matress as a raft

March 15th, 2005

I can not rate this tent because I feel I got cheated;I had purchased an Eddie Bauer 10 man tent last year and used it for the first time this past summer it rained and you can watch water coming in through the zippers.I have talked to the manufacture and got nowhere;also the room separaters you can see right through them;do not bother putting them up.I started reading other reviews and gettig a conclusion that eddie bauer tents suck.  

faithful tent

December 22nd, 2004

This tent has sheltered us from The Rockies to The Great Lakes for almost 3 years. Through wind, rain and cold, it has kept us dry. The ventilation is good with all of the windows as well during warmer spells. It's not very spacious, but it works perfectly for my husband and me, our bags and our air mattress.

Weak Tent

December 1st, 2004

I have used this tent 5 or 6 times. Zippers always get stuck and the fly construction is terrible. If you plan to camp only durning spring or summer in perfect conditions, then for the price it is just okay. Shop around!

Dependable Tent!

September 16th, 2004

I bought an Eddie Bauer ice chest in early 2017 and it was pretty good.  So I figured I'd give this tent a try. This tent did the trick! We took a couple of trips this summer and the tent is easy to set-up, and did not leak in (light) rain. I'm not a die-hard camper, so I wouldn't know how this tent compares to more expensive ones. With all of our gear, it fit 2 adults and 2 kids pretty comfortably--any more gear or people would have been too crowded. Good value for the $.

A bit in-tents!

September 13th, 2004

I'm not a regular camper (but I'm willing to start)! I practiced setting up this tent one time before taking it camping, and that was good enough. My son and I were able to easily set it up at our campsite even though we got there after dark. We didn't get to test it out on harsh elements like some other reviewers did, in fact the mountain weather was quite pleasant, but that gave us the opportunity to enjoy the *moon roof*. I had no problems with the zippers. The shoe vestibule worked very well for us, keeping our shoes dry and the tent floor relatively clean. The ceiling storage unit kept my eyeglasses within reach and from getting bent. I absolutely can not imagine having four people in there! We could have fit it one more adult without too much difficulty, but I liked the space I had, with just one teenager along. The *storage room* is not a separate room, but just kind of makes the tent bigger. Overall, it's well worth the money. 

Side Effects of Forskolin Extract for Weight Loss

Forskoli, an active ingredient extracted from an Indian native plant referred to as Coleus Forskohlii, has served as a great and effective natural remedy for years. It is utilized in eye drops to enhance vision as well as protect the eyes from having cataracts. Supplements are also often added to medicines to enhance the function of one’s heart and lower blood pressure. However, even if Forskolin is beneficial in numerous ways, it has also some side effects that you must be aware of.

Side Effects

One of the forskolin side effects you should be aware of is low blood pressure. As mentioned, Forskolin is used in improving circulation and can prevent blood from clotting to avoid some heart problems and strokes. But, if you are taking a medication for your blood pressure or heart, Forskolin might cause your blood pressure to drop very low. This might lead you to serious health problems. If you are considering to take Forskoling and you’re already taking a med for blood pressure, see to it that you let your physician know about it.

Since Forskolin also helps in preventing clotting, the supplement might cause excess bleeding in several individuals. If you think that your menstrual cycle is heavier than normal or you are bleeding more than usual after you got a small cut, stop using Forskolin. If you’re scheduled to have surgery, it is important that you stop taking Forskolin at least 2 weeks before the operation. This may lessen your chances of excess bleeding after or during surgery.

If you are breastfeeding or pregnant, it isn’t advisable for you to take Forskolin. This supplement can be unsafe for pregnant women because of its ability to prompt one’s body to circulate blood. During pregnancy, taking Forskolin may also slow down the growth of the fetus or worse, it could cause the fetus to stop growing. There’s only some information collected to know whether Forskolin affects the milk of the nursing mothers. Once you found out that you’re pregnant and taking Forskoling, go talk to your doctor right away and look for alternative natural treatments safe for you and your baby.

The Benefits

Even if Forskolin has side effects that can affect your health greatly, it is essential to remember that there are lots of beneficial reasons to add supplements to your daily regimen. Other than being a natural treatment for eye, weight loss, and health of the heart, Forskolin weight loss supplement may also help people who suffer from asthma or bronchitis. Forskolin can also help you breath much easier to prompt air to travel through one’s respiratory at an effective rate.

Forskolin has also several antibacterial properties. Therefore, if you have an infection or cold that’s affecting your breathing, taking this natural supplement may help you avoid toxins and impurities. Forskolin’s antibacterial properties also make it a perfect natural anti-inflammatory agent. This may be taken orally and topically when treating allergic reactions like preventing eczema and psoriasis. Forskolin may also be taken for treating urinary tract infections. This can help you keep the infection from coming back.

Forskolin has also the ability to soothe one’s digestive tract. If you’re suffering from conditions like Crohn’s disease, this can be effective when easing cramps and stomach pain after eating. Forskolin may also be taken immediately after the meal to avoid any stomach discomfort.

Forskolin is also commonly used for weight loss. It helps in boosting one’s metabolism and stimulate the enzymes in the body for burning body fat. Medical studies have also shown that anyone can lose weight through taking Forskolin, even without exerting effort to make some changes to their exercises or diets regularly. The effects of the Forskolin are also improved if you will eat a balanced diet as well as workout.

Forskolin may also help you regulate the cycle of your sleep. The rest you get every night is directly related to the ability of your body to burn fat. Forskolin can also treat insomnia, which can offer you the chance to renew yourself every night and reset your metabolism.

If you are planning to take Forskolin with some herbs, use caution. You must also take it in the smallest dosage first so that your body can be accustomed to the herb and will let you know if it is good for you or not.

How to Prevent Identity Theft From Happening to You

Identity Theft Protection - Identity theft is a very serious issue in the world today, because it happens so often. In fact, chances are that you already know someone who has dealt with identity theft in the past, and so it is a subject that you should be educated on and really take very seriously. 
There are a few important, effective things that you can do to prevent identity theft, and which will be discussed in more detail for you here. If you want to know how to prevent identity theft, you will find the following information very useful.


There are a few tips in particular that you are going to want to use if you want to prevent identity theft as best you can. Credit monitoring is one of the most effective and necessary processes if you want to be able to prevent identity theft.
This means frequently checking your credit report so that you can make sure everything on there is accurate and that there are no mistakes. If you ever find that there are, you will want to deal with them immediately, and this will not only ensure that you prevent identity theft but as well keep your credit score in as good of standing as possible.
If you have credit cards, you will want to keep a close check on the statements that you receive each month, to ensure that everything that shows up you did in fact purchase, and that there is no one else using your credit card numbers to make purchases.
Another way to prevent identity theft is to shred all important documents. Especially if you own a business, you will want to make sure that as soon as you are done with credit card statements, loan documents, and other important paperwork, you either store them in a safe place or shred them up.
Just throwing them in the garbage will simply not be enough because if someone were to go through your garbage which is what most identity thieves do to get this kind of important personal information, they will easily be able to get it.
By shredding them, there is really no way that anyone will be able to use them against you, and so this is going to be a very important step in avoiding identity theft. You also want to be cautious when you are on the phone, as it is easy for someone to pretend that they are someone else when they are on the phone.A Guide on How to Prevent Identity Theft - Identity Theft Protection - If you want to know how to prevent identity theft, as everyone should, there are a few steps to prevent identity theft in particular that you are going to want to be aware of. Of course you can never completely prevent identity theft, but by being responsible and cautious, you will be ...
Ways to Prevent Medical Identity Theft - Identity Theft Protection - You have probably heard of the basic identity theft crime before, such as online identity theft, but do you know what medical identity theft is? Medical identity theft is the crime in which a person steals your identity in order to get medical attention. For instance they may steal your credit in ...Key Steps to Prevent Identity Theft - Identity Theft Protection - Unfortunately there is no sure-fire way of avoiding a crime like identity theft, however there are certain tips to prevent identity theft that you can really use to your advantage and which will help ensure that you are as protected from this crime as possible. 
By making it more difficult to have ...

Hardwood Flooring Refinishing Tips

“Allergy Sufferers: How to Save $10,000 by Using Your Carpet To Relieve Your Allergy Symptoms”

In order to relieve your allergies, have you installed hardwood floors, clean your forced air ducts, but still have tons of dust aggravating your allergies? 

Recently I spoke to a client and started to share with him how carpet could help; but the poor man practically cried as he told me he had just ripped out all his carpet and installed hardwood floor. 

He said it cost over $10,000; and what’s worse, he now has to sweep the dust twice a day!

Unfortunately, consumers don’t realize the allergy relieving benefits of properly maintained carpet: a 24-hour working air filter. That’s right. 

hardwood floor refinishingYour carpet actually traps pollutants and allergens, holding them for removal with your vacuum. Using a HEPA filtered vacuum will remove the trapped pollutants and dust mite feces without re-distributing them into your air. 

After about 6-8 months, you’ll want to have your carpets professionally cleaned to keep your carpet’s filtering ability in tip-top shape.

In July 2003 Cleanfax magazine, Jeff Bishop, technical director of the Institute of Cleaning and Restoration Certification states, “I think there is a misperception about carpet because people find it harder to clean it themselves, although, when you think about it, carpet is far easier and less expensive to ‘maintain’ than hard surface when you factor in the consumer’s time.” 

Bishop supports the allergy benefits of carpets when properly maintained. But when carpet cleaning is neglected, the consumer has “created a nightmare.” Bishop states that, “Rather than take responsibility for this situation themselves, they find it easier to blame the product.”

So, don’t make the mistake and waste $10,000 for hardwood as the solution to relieve your allergies. Instead, clean your carpet to restore the natural filtering process of your carpet. 

Also invest in a HEPA filtered vacuum to remove trapped pollutants until your next maintenance carpet cleaning.



A great HEPA vaccuum is available  and let me know at and I'll be happy to help you out. 

And if you need help cleaning your own carpet the right way to properly remove pollutants and restore your filter, then the How To Clean Your Own Carpet No-Brainer System will be perfect for you at 

Bonus Tip:. Don't waste $10,000+ on removing carpet and installing hardwood floors in hopes of relieving your allergies. Use your carpet's natural ability to trap and filter pollutants.  Get more tips on cleaning carpeting, tile and hardwood floor vacuums at


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Going With Nationwide Identity Theft Insurance

id theft insuranceIdentity Fraud - When it comes to wanting to invest in identity theft protection insurance, there is nothing better then going with a company that you know and can trust. The nationwide identity theft insurance is a great place to start as this company is one that is know for being the best of the best in terms of the insurance coverage that they offer. When it comes to such issues as your identity, there is nothing more important then making sure that the company that you are using to protect you is one that truly knows what they are doing.

Nationwide identity theft insurance may cost a little more monthly then some of the other insurance companies out there but the top-notch service that they can provide you with is certainly worth it in the end. It is important to make sure that the company you go through is one that you can always trust to be there when you need them. Always being there when you need them, no matter when it happens is something that the nationwide company is known for. This is why getting yourself a nationwide identity theft insurance package is so recommended. 

Contacting A Branch Near You

When you are finally ready to get set up on your own nationwide identity theft insurance plan, you may want to start looking around for different Nationwide branches or offices near you. This is because it is always nice to be able to go and meet face to face with someone concerning your insurance needs. It just makes it that much easier to make sure that the coverage you feel that you need is what they can and will give to you. But going straight into an office is not always something that can work for people depending on where they live or what hours they work during the day.

This is why you are able to get yourself a nationwide identity theft insurance package right over the phone. Simply give the nearest office a call and talk with someone about how you can set up your insurance policy over the phone. There may be some faxing involved but if you cannot make it to an actual office then this is the next best way. There are also some places where you can get your nationwide identity theft insurance online. With a few small clicks of the mouse you can be on your way to total identity theft protection.

Going For The Best Identity Theft Insurance Coverage

When it comes to trying to find the best identity theft insurance coverage, there is nothing more important then researching the history of the company you are considering going through. There are a lot of companies out there that try to promise that they can provide you with the identity theft insurance coverage ...Why People Need Identity Theft Insurance Coverage - Identity Fraud - Whether it is corporate identity theft insurance or personal identity theft insurance coverage, it is important to make sure you know exactly what it is that you are in need of. If you are not used to exactly what kind of insurance coverage you need then you may need the assistance of someone ...

The Reasons For Getting Identity Theft Protection Insurance

When it comes to protecting your identity, there is nothing better then having yourself armed with identity theft protection insurance. This is because you need to have something in place that is going to be able to step in and handle things for you in a timely manner if someone ever tries to steal your identity.


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A Guide on How to Prevent Identity Theft

Identity Theft Protection - If you want to know how to prevent identity theft, as everyone should, there are a few steps to prevent identity theft in particular that you are going to want to be aware of. Of course you can never completely prevent identity theft, but by being responsible and cautious, you will be able to prevent it as much as possible.

id theftFirst you are going to want to learn more on the crime of identity theft in general and what is involves, so that you are as educated as possible on this matter and can better recognize the different ways to prevent identity theft.

Identity Theft

Identity theft occurs when someone else uses your personal information without your knowledge and consent to commit a crime such as fraud or theft. They may be using your information and committing the crime on your, or someone else. They steal key pieces of information such as credit card numbers, social security numbers, and driver’s license numbers in order to commit the identity theft crime.

Keep Yourself Safe

There are a few very effective ways on how to prevent identity theft. If you want to know how to prevent identity theft, you are going to need to be aware of these tips on how to prevent identity theft and make sure that you use them to protect yourself and your finances.


One of the easiest but most effective methods of how to prevent identity theft is to shred all your important documents once you are done looking at them, rather than just throwing them in the garbage as they are because this makes it very easy for someone to find these documents and steal your identity.

If you are throwing out bills and credit card statements, ATM recipes, and other personal information, you may be leaving too much information lying about and so you want to make sure that you shred all papers with personal information on them before disposing of them.

You should also destroy all digital data traces that you may be leaving behind. When you sell, trade, or otherwise dispose of a computer system, hard drive, or backup tape of any sort, you are going to need to take the proper steps in order to ensure that the data is completely destroyed. This way if someone does find it and try to use it they will not be able to gather together your personal information.

Key Steps to Prevent Identity Theft

Unfortunately there is no sure-fire way of avoiding a crime like identity theft, however there are certain tips to prevent identity theft that you can really use to your advantage and which will help ensure that you are as protected from this crime as possible. 

Ways to Prevent Identity Theft | Which Way is Best?

Before we get into the best ways to prevent identity theft, let’s define what it is. Identity theft is a crime whereby someone obtains personal and/or financial information of someone else for the purpose of taking on that other person’s name in order to leverage their personal accounts and spend their money.

Ways to Prevent Medical Identity Theft

You have probably heard of the basic identity theft crime before, such as online identity theft, but do you know what medical identity theft is? Medical identity theft is the crime in which a person steals your identity in order to get medical attention.