Identity Theft Statistics Are Shocking

Have you ever felt sorry for those who have suffered the effects of identity theft?

Should be in the same situation who suffer from identity theft, your life can be like yours and you understand and pity. It is here where the laws diverted to this threat continuous safety of everyone in the country, including companies and individuals have been approved.Consumer awareness of this threat has finally peaked in the last five to ten years. Mainly due to the media attention he received, people are more aware of when they give their personal data, particularly when administered without your consent, as in the case of the Internet.With the widespread attention and public events, federal legislation and state were trained on identity theft issues.

Identity theft and the right of the Assumption

At the federal level, the Identity Theft and Assumption Deterrence Act (18 USC 1028) was adopted in 1998. When the law was adopted, makes any kind of an identity theft crime. The law states that if a person knowingly uses the identification of another person with the sole purpose of committing any type of crime illegal under federal and state laws.Which, in turn, has violated this law were put under close scrutiny by several federal agencies, including:– United States Secret Service– The Social Security Administration– The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)– U.S. Postal ServiceThe criminals were prosecuted by:– The Ministry of Justice of the United States ..The law allows victims to be reimbursed.

This refund was created within the Federal Trade Commission as a clearinghouse for identity theft.In the wake of the federal law, 40 states have criminalized identity theft, most of them is a crime.SB 2328 law called the Identity Theft Prevention in 2000 signed by Senator Feinstein, Kyl and Grassley. They wanted more attention to lead in prevention before the flight takes place. In addition, they wanted to know where to take prevention and precautions which must belong.President George W. Bush signed into law the penalty for identity theft Strengthening ITPEA or as a complement to many of these laws.

What are the provisions of this Act Identity Theft?

When there is a theft occurred, a violation of a mandatory sentence of two years in prison becomes. If one of the flights to be related to terrorist activity, there will be a further period of five years fixed on.He also leads the Sentencing Commission of the United States to strengthen its sanctions must be found theft on paper in employment.Many people are happy that identity theft is being processed, but still tell of credit and industry office itself must make the necessary changes before all is said and done.The law also needed to face the frustration felt by victims and a way for them to let others know they have a criminal record that is not theirs.

Some bills that were approved included a provision that allowed people to get content on their own information that was prepared by the agent information, employment background check and an individual reference service.For those who have criminal records that are not of their own made, there must be a way for people to clarify an expedited process. These involve the application of the law that made the first arrest and the court issued the order. Currently, there is no such remedy for identity theft victims with a criminal record.