What You Should Know About Residential Tree Trimming

men removing tree

Tree cutting is the process in which trees are cut or removed. This includes tree removal, tree topping, stump removal, cabling and bracing to support weak branches, and even trimming and pruning.

These tree cutting services require special equipment and should not be attempted on your own. We put the safety of your family and our tree cutting professionals above all else. A full grown tree can weigh one ton or more and can do a lot of damage and/or injury if these services are not done properly or done without the right equipment.

Many people think tree removal can be done with an axe or chainsaw and a "Timber!!". However, tree removal is a very complicated process that takes a bit more than that. Only a trained professional tree service crew should take on this task. Whether you decide to remove a tree to make way for a new driveway or garage or just want to clear out some land, use a professional tree service company to accomplish this task. This includes removing trees that have already experienced a fallen limb or a tree that is dying or diseased. Regardless of the reason, be sure to contact a professional!

The practice of tree topping is not used much anymore as it often causes more damage than good. It is the process in which the top of a tree is basically hacked off for one reason or another. However, this process does come in handy in emergency situations where the tree will later be removed. Tree topping often kills a tree so it's not a good idea to leave it that way.

Tree stump removal is usually not a need for most homeowners. Unless a tree stumps roots are causing a problem, tree stump removal is mostly done to either put something in its place – pavement, grass, or a structure – OR simply for aesthetic reasons. Tree stumps may look okay when a tree is first taken down, but they often become rotted or infected with insects. Tree stump removal costs are based upon the size of the tree and the ease in which it can be removed. Most tree stumps are removed very easily. A few stumps that are larger and deep rooted require heavier equipment.

The process of cabling and bracing branches is done when a limb is weak and/or failing. Sometimes a large storm takes out a large branch and another area of the tree needs to be supported. Using cables and metal braces, we make your weak or damaged tree stronger. This is a great way to save an otherwise healthy tree.

Tree trimming and tree pruning is a common service we provide. Trimming and pruning is done for many reasons. Dead limbs on a tree must be removed to avoid damage to your property – or injury if someone should be in the way when the limb comes down. Trees should also be trimmed when they are growing into windows, power lines, or buildings – causing damage. Trimming and pruning is also helpful in keeping trees healthy. When tree limbs are unbalanced, it can make the tree weaker in some areas. Overcrowded limbs also make it difficult for some parts of the tree to receive sunlight or water. Consider tree trimming and pruning annually to keep your trees healthy and safe!

As you can see, tree cutting encompasses a wide variety of services. Evaristo Tree Service offers all of these services – including emergency services when you need tree cutting done fast due to storms or other events that create a dangerous situation. Never attempt these services on your own.


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